About Us


Kylie here - GiGi's mama, thanks for having a look around our website. I hope you've fallen hopelessly in love with our pieces as much as I have.

Kisses From GiGi was created shortly after giving birth to my daughter. I was always on the hunt for beautiful, stylish and unique clothes for my girl.

I realized very quickly that it was way too easy to drop a couple hundred dollars and to be honest, I didn't at all feel like I was getting value. So I started my own journey, finding pieces and putting outfits together, only this time - it was on my own terms and most definitely without the price tag! after a couple months - parents were asking me where I was shopping?.....And Voila! Kisses From GiGi came to life. 

As you have a look through our collections, you'll soon realize that EVERYTHING is under $30. The reason for this is simple, I'm not here to become a millionaire. I'm here to bring beautiful, stunning & trendy baby steez to parents, parents just like us. Parents who want their little prince charming or chicky babe in the freshest looks at the best possible price, and why not?! 

When you buy from us, you're supporting a family, you're helping us secure a better future for our baby, and for that, we thank you.

 With Love & Kisses From GiGi's Mama xoxo